Maintenance standards of the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt (OLG) from 01.01.2011

In the maintenance policies of the OLG Frankfurt, as of 01.01.2011, the amount of deductiblse was changed. There is a distinction between necessary, reasonable and appropriate deductibles.

For parents paying maintenance to minors, the necessary deductibles apply. This amounts to €950. Of this, €570 account for general living costs and €380 for rent/housing needs.

The reasonable deduction, which applies in the case of maintenance for adult children, is €1.150.-. Of this, € 670.- account for the general living costs and € 480.- for the housing needs.

The applicable deductible for maintenance paid by parents is €1.500.- and in the case of maintenance paid by separated or divorced spouses €1.050 (if employed) or €975.- (if unemployed).